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Nathan Harvey


My connection to the mountain has everything to do with the excellent location it is in. My family has been coming up to Moosehead Lake since I was small Child.  And before that my dad’s family used to rent a space to tent because they loved the area.  When given the opportunity to go skiing at Squaw mountain once or twice before it fell into disrepair, the experience was phenomenal.  When I heard they were attempting to get started again, I offered to give them a website, full expecting to get passed over for someone more experienced or closer to the mountain.  Since I started on, I’ve been able to use this as a learning experience and as a client project at Lyndon State College, where I’m currently enrolled in the New Media Program.

Mission Statement

The Friends of Squaw Mountain became a non profit corporation with the goal of sharing the Squaw Mountain experience that has been celebrated and loved by many. Squaw is a community mountain for youth and families to ski & ride affordably, as well as learn to ski, ride & race. We embrace the history that once was, while working together to make the future of our mountain a resort for the family. We look forward to skiing the view with you.